DSC09172 (Medium)ManualGearbox supplies remanufactured Manual Transmissions and drivetrain components for Toyota, Honda and Ford. With over 15 years of experience, ManualGearbox brings you parts and knowledge at an extreme level. We have seen the common failures of these gearboxes and using experience and upgraded parts, We are proud to supply very high quality gearboxes!


Quality in every gearbox!

The first step in every transmission assembly is a very thorough inspection. Each transmissionDSC09231 (Medium) component is inspected to OEM tolerances and specifications. From the input to output, starting with the input shaft, the shaft is checked for true, straight and smooth bearing surfaces including the seal surfaces. We inspect all bearing surfaces, gear surfaces, interior and exterior of transmission and rear end cases for cracks and or stripped threads. On FWD applications the differential spider gears are checked for excessive clearances.




Before reassembled of every part we thoroughly check for upgraded parts or TSB’s. Technical service bulletins are issued from the manufacture because of high failure rates. The TSB’s from Toyota, Honda and Ford usually offers an upgraded part or superseded part. Every gearbox and rear end component is assembled to OEM or tighter specs!