K Series Oil Guide Plate/ 2005/2006 RSX+2006-2015 Civic Si Bearing Kit




ManualGearbox presents an upgraded component for the K series transmission. We saw the opportunity to design an upgraded part for the oiling system on the K series gearbox, due to common failures of bearings.

First off what is it? K series oil guide plate has two functions. First, it retains the counter shaft needle bearing into the case. Second, it directs oil into the counter shaft.

How does is work? The K series oil guide simply bolts down with 2 bolts to retain the counter shaft needle bearing. Its oiling function simply guides oil that is slung from the ring gear onto the gutter tray, then through holes onto the K series oil guide plate

Why do I need it? The Manualgearbox K series oil guide plate improves oiling into the countershaft. We have seen many failures and worn components of the countershaft due to lack of oiling and cooling. When the vehicle and transmission undergoes excessive G forces from accelerating and cornering to the right the oil simply cannot flow from the oil gutter tray to the K series oil guide plate sufficiently because of the large gap. We have designed and engineered our K series oil guide plate to provide a larger reservoir of oil and also fills the gap between the gutter tray and the K series oil guide plate. By doing this we are improving the oil flow to the countershaft by 40 percent!

Don’t let lack of oiling be the cause of your transmission failure!

Purchase your K series oil guide plate with a bearing kit today!


Acura RSX

2005- 2006 Acura RSX Type-S
2006-2015 Civic Si
Included: Manual gearbox K series oil guide plate, 4 shaft bearings, bearing clip, 2 axle seals, input seal, and shift rod seal.

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Weight 2 lbs


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