PPG 1-4 Dog Engagement Gear Set With Ring Gear K series



PPG 1-4 gear set with 5th gear cuff and ring gear. This product is proven in competition in the USA at an elite level by the likes of Tony Palo. Capable of holding 1000hp , the 1st to 4th Drag set was developed in conjunction with top racers and offers instant gear selection, clutchless shifting and perfect ratio combination when combined with suitable final drive and tire sizes. Final drive ratio’s can be custom made for your application. Comes with internal case brace system. 4.7 / 5.0 / 5.8 Final drive ratios available. 4.7 is the default ratio. Please email us for Final drive options.

Gear ratios

1st   2.61

2nd   1.61

3rd   1.15

4th    .909


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