Speedfactory upgraded Shift Hold Changer SCHA



New Speedfactory change holder assembly.

The SCHA base is TIG welded at multiple points where fatigue cracking and stock weld failure has been seen to create a much stronger assembly that offers more precise, improved shift action and will hold up under the abuse seen during aggressive shifting such as when used in a drag racing application.

The stock shift change arm is the biggest weak link. The stock arms are made of poor quality stamped steel, and are often damaged (stress cracked or bent). This piece has been replaced with a heavy-duty CNC machined tool steel arm that will not bend or break like it’s stock counterpart. A damaged stock arm often goes unnoticed as the damage can be difficult to spot without disassembling the SCHA and/or checking for proper operation of the internal components through assembly and testing utilizing a windowed transmission case. Many people have damaged part after part and experienced issues shifting without realizing that a damaged shift change arm is to blame. Then, replacing it with another stock unit has resulted in the same problem occuring again, usually within a short period of time.


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