S2000 Selector Spring Kit




Tired of mis-shifts? ManualGearbox presents our springs kit which includes an upgraded selector return spring and 5 upgraded detent springs for the AP1 and AP2 Honda S2000 gearbox. This kit will assist you in shifting smoothly during aggressive, high RPM driving and keep your drivetrain safe.


Over the years, we have seen countless transmission and engine failures due to weak OEM selector return springs. The OEM selector return spring simply does not have enough tension for aggressive driving habits. Our ManualGearbox upgraded selector return spring increases the amount of tension to keep the shifter in the center position. When shifting from 2nd gear into 3rd gear and 3rd gear into 4th gear, the ManualGearbox upgraded springs assist the driver by pulling the shifter into the center position. We have seen engine and transmission failures due to accidentally shifting from top of 3rd gear into 2nd gear and also from the top of 2nd gear into 1st gear. When this mis-shift happens it causes the engine to over rev past the ECU limiter and causes the transmission to be overdriven and excessive torque through the missed gear. 


This shifter spring kit also includes 5 upgraded detent springs. These detent springs apply more pressure to the forks and shifter arm. By applying more pressure with heavy duty springs, we achieve a much more precise detent, positive engagement and shifting experience. Our kit includes 1 ManualGearbox upgraded selector return spring and 5 heavy duty shift upgraded shift detents springs.

Don’t let the cause of a mis-shift damage your engine or transmission. Order your kit today!

INSTRUCTIONS: This is only a guide, please refer to repair manual for detailed instructions of disassemble and assembly. ManualGearboxLLC will not be held responsible in incorrect installation.

Step 1: Remove shifter and shift arm B under shifter. Remove tail housing of the transmission. Remove detents, nut, bearing and secondary drive gear. Remove reverse bolt. Remove middle transmission case.

Step 2: Remove shift rod, selector arm and interlock (2,3,6 pictured below). This can all come out as one piece, no need to remove spring pin in shift arm, or any shift forks.

Step 3: Remove factory selector return spring (7) and install the M/G upgraded selector return spring. The interlock/spring dowel is 8mm. Use a 5mm 1/4″ socket as a 8mm test dowel and close the gap slowly with a pair of needle nose pliers until the socket is snug on the selector spring.


Step 5: Reinstall shift rod, interlock, shift arm and tail housing with silicone.

Step 6: Install the 5 M/G heavy duty detent springs in the locations circled in blue.




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