Stage 3 S2000 800hp+ CRYO treated AP2/AP1


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ManualGearboxLLC presents a 2000-2009 Honda S2000 6 speed Transmission stage 3 gearbox. Unit has been completely remanufactured with all new synchros, sleeves, forks and bearings. Upgraded double cone carbon synchros in 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear! This gearbox receives our upgraded selector return spring/detents. Our stage 3 is S2K gearbox is a combined AP1/AP2 gearset. We start with a AP2 gearbox and swap in AP1 part to enhance the gearbox. 3rd and 4th gear get a double cone Synchro setup and the seconday shaft gets swapped from the AP1 gearbox. With the secondary shaft from an AP1 it allows for lower RPM at highway cruising speeds. The double cone 3rd and 4th matched in Synchrotech carbon synchros allows for more aggressive high RPM shifting with synchro failure! To add strength and proper engagement of the synchros we brace all the shift forks.  All gears and sleeves have been CRYO treated for added strength. Please allow 7-24 business days for assembly time. This transmission is great for 800+hp. Please specify if you need a AP1 or AP2 driveshaft yoke as they are different. The gear ratios are as follows

1st gear – 3.133
2nd gear – 2.045
3rd gear – 1.481
4th gear – 1.161
5th gear – 0.970
6th gear – 0.810

Secondary shaft ratio 1.208 from AP2




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