2012-2015 HONDA Si K24Z7 remanufactured 6 speed Transmission, carbon synchros Stage 1



Product Info presents a remanufactured K24Z7 12-15 Civic Si 6 speed transmission. This is our STAGE 1 box. The transmission has been completely torn down, all components inspected for wear and for excessive clearances. Reassembled to OEM specs, with all new bearings, seals and new Synchrotech carbon synchros ONLY is 2nd, 3rd and 4th gear. 1st, 5th and 6th receive oem style sycnchros. Factory LSD. Transmission are shipped dry, please add fluid upon installation. Please allow 8-22 business days for assembly.
Terms of Purchase

Please read the entire listing. Buyer agrees to purchase item pictured. Product will be shipped with insurance included and signature required upon delivery.


ManualGearbox will provide a 1 yr.  warranty from the date of sale. A new clutch, new pilot bearing, new Honda MTF or equivalent transmission fluid and professional installation is required for warranty to be valid. This warranty covers the transmission from assembly defects or product defects. Damage due to abuse, lack of fluid or improper fluid voids the warranty. Racing in any form or opening the transmission up will also void the warranty.

Transmission Core

We would love to buy your old transmission core! Details will be sent after purchase.


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