Albins 1-4 Dog Engagement With Ring Gear



Albins gears are made from a proprietary grade steel billet that is then cut and heat treated to exacting standards then cross-checked via a robotic CMM machine that analyses any discrepancies brought about by heat treatment. This process is part of Albins ISO 9001/2000 quality assurance and can be done prior to the final anti-fatigue shot-peening process which is another point of difference we love about this product. Fatigue life can be extended on certain components by up to 8 times that of a non-treated component and when we are talking gears, this is a major plus with the Albins product and results in less pitting and wear. Default option is 4.09, GSR ring gear. Heavy duty thrust bearing included. Please email us for final drive options.

Albins Performance Transmissions is the largest high performance gears manufacturer in the Southern Hemisphere. They specialize in engineering and production of driveline components for extreme duty applications. Unique design features include replaceable dog rings on 3-4 gears, low dog count with pent-roof design for ease of shifting, and lightweight semi-floating 3/4 slider design.

Gear Ratios 1-4  3.0 / 2.0/ 1.39 / 1.09

Final Drives Ratios  3.83 / 4.09 / 4.23 / 4.33 / 4.36 / 4.40 / 4.71


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