B series CRV AWD STAGE 3 DOGBOX 1500hp PPG Gearset Billet Bellhousing



ManualGearboxLLC.com presents a AWD DOGBOX to take anything you can throw at it! Features PPG AWD kit(gear ratios below) Gear X AWD LSD, PBE billet bell housing. Transfer case is not included. PPG transfer gear is included. Fluid is NOT included. Please allow 12-22 business days for assemble.

All Wheel Drive “AWD” B Series Drag Set Includes 1-4 Gears, main shaft, output shaft, final drive, billet shift forks and a 5th gear cuff / brace which is designed to work in your stock case or our billet upgraded case.
* Kit Includes Upgraded Transfer Case Gear Set / Straight Cut

Standard Gear Ratios: 2.923 / 1.917 / 1.33 / 1.045

Final Drive Ratios:  4.0 / 4.2

Terms of purchase
Please read the entire listing. Buyer agrees to purchase item pictured. Product will be shipped with insurance included.

ManualGearbox will provide a 90 day from the date of sale. A new clutch, new pilot bearing, new Honda MTF or equivalent transmission fluid and professional installation is required for warranty to be valid. This warranty covers the transmission from assembly defects or product defects. Damage due to abuse, lack of fluid or improper fluid voids the warranty. Racing in any form or opening the transmission up will also void the warranty.

Transmission Core
There is no core for this transaction.


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